Tips for Buying/Selling for Profit on eBay

My Experience Selling Sports Cards

First, My Story Selling Sports Cards on eBay

Fast forward 13 years, I was graduated from college and noticed a video that Gary Vaynerchuk posted(an entrepreneur I’ve always followed on Youtube) discussing how he thought sports cards were going to go mainstream. This was January 2020. I was thinking, “hey, I know about this! Let me research a few of my favorite players and invest in them”. In an impulsive decision, I bought two LeBron James rookie cards(one of them pictured above). It was scary at the time, but I had no idea the boom in sports cards that was about to happen.

The card values started to go up quickly, and I began to execute my first ‘flips’ for profit. I used the profit to keep buying cards, and shortly after, I opened Matts-Sports-Cards on eBay to buy and sell cards as a side income. It has been moderately successful! I haven’t become a millionaire from it, but it has made me a few thousand dollars of profit per year for the two years I’ve had the account. Not bad for something I do in my free time outside of my full time job. It’s a fun hobby becoming a side hustle. Here are some tips for buying and selling on eBay, regardless of the product you are selling.

Pick a Product You are Knowledgable About

Once, you know which product you can sell, you have to pick a platform to sell on. eBay is among the most popular places to start selling and is my personal favorite. There are many others that can work for you as well.

You should also pick a topic with a large audience. Sports memorabilia is a huge industry and there are plenty of collectors. This may not be the same for other products. Items may not sell as fast with a smaller audience.

Keep a Spreadsheet to Organize Finances

Train Yourself to Spot Deals, and be Disciplined

Lots of times, you can find a good deal outside of eBay and then turn around and list on eBay immediately after. In-Person shows and stores also are known for having good deals on display, since you can build personal connections with sellers and don’t have to pay any eBay transaction fees.

Another place to find good deals, are thrift shops like my favorite, Goodwill. If you’re lucky, you can find a box of cards here that someone gave away for a few dollars. You can also find amazing deals on many other things. A lot of furniture around my house is touched up from Goodwill.

This can be a good(although time consuming) strategy. When done right, this can be very effective.

Don’t be Afraid to Spend money

Obviously, the biggest gains come from spending more money. If you are in this type of business to make money, then you can’t be afraid to spend some money. Although there are plenty of low cost items listed on eBay, if you want to take higher risk/higher reward approach, you may need to spend more money.

Become a Better Negotiator

It’s a little more dynamic in real life. Card shows often have great, once in a lifetime deals. Often times the sellers at the booths are seasoned negotiators who have been in the business for a long time. If you work on this, you can often find great deals at a card show, and then turn around and list on eBay for a nice profit.

Take Your Rating and Your Customers Seriously

Most Importantly, Don’t Expect to Become Rich

This is not financial advice and just reflects my experience on eBay. I’d recommend doing your own research, as buying and selling things on platforms like eBay can be risky.

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